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Membership fees paid to OSAS automatically entitle you to membership in the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), our national organization.  Numerous no-cost benefits and discounted services are available to OSAS members through AFSA, which include:

      •  Professional Liability
      •  Legal Action Trust
      •  Accidental Death Insurance
      •  Scholarships for Children of Members
      •  Travel and Recreation Discounts
      •  Wireless Telephone Discount

For details about these and other members-only benefits, please follow the link below:

                     Member Benefits Available Through AFSA

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 Instructions for setting up auto-deduction of dues:

1.      You must email OSAS or Debbie Ake with you personal email account so an account can be set-up for you. 

       a.      Your Username is your personal email account.

       b.      You will be prompted to create a password. The password must   

               contain a capital letter, number and symbol. 

2.      Go to My Account > My Payment Options > Automatic Payment Plan

       a.      Enter and save your banking or credit card information on this page.

We do not collect back dues through auto pay. When you save your information you will receive a pop up box giving you information about an e-check. Just click okay and do not click save again or you will receive a message that your account information is not correct. After click you okay you are done. 

3.      If you want to change your email account > Go to My Account > Change My Username

4.      If you want to change your email account > Go to My Account > Change My Password

       a.      Create a new unique password

       b.      Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and contain a capital letter, number and symbol.

       d.      No spaces within passwords will be accepted

5. You can update your profile with any new demographic information you have. 

If you have an problems setting up auto-deduction of dues please call Billhighway at 866-245-5499.


Click on click below to view page by page instructions.

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