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AFSA, Local No. 28, AFL-CIO
3031 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 435
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Telephone: (313) 832-4002   Fax: (313) 832-4010
E-mail Address: osasdet@aol.com


Preserve. Protect. Peace

What do these words mean to you? In a union these words mean everything. We preserve your way of life by working to create the best contracts that support all of the hard work you put in daily. Unions protect when employees are under attack. Unions provide peace. The peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you while you work instead of looking over your shoulder while you work. Unions provide something very important to your daily professional life and career but it cannot function without your support. 

How to Become a Member

To join the Union click on the tab. Payment transaction sites are accessible through our website for monthly or on payday payments.  

Please call me if you have questions. 734-657-1132 or email me at debbie.ake@gmail.com


January 10, 2020

The Diann Woodard Scholarship is open to OSAS dues paying member's children. Diann was the pass Union President of OSAS. It would be an honor to have a student(s) from our local to qualify for a scholarship. The application can be found on the Member's only home tab.

Have your child apply for the Diann Woodard AFSA Scholarship Program, which is open to children of AFSA members in good standing. The application for the 2020 scholarship is now available. The deadline for submission is March 27, 2020.

Each year AFSA provides 5 outstanding students a one time $2,500 award toward college tuition.

All applicants must be a graduating high school senior who will be attending college for the first time in the award year.

The program is designed to support students who expresses a strong commitment to pursuing education beyond secondary school.

Students who apply must clearly express their goals for the future and appropriately tie these goals to their higher education aspirations.


  • Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who is attending college for the first time in the award year.
  • Applicant’s parent or legal guardian must be an AFSA member in good standing.
  • Scholarship Award check will be issued upon college enrollment verification.
  • Scholarship Award funds may only be used for tuition, books, fees, supplies and equipment.
  • Application must be completely filled out and postmarked no later than March 27, 2020.

October 26, 2019

Go to the Officers Tab to met the Officers and Executive Board Members. Their picture and information have been posted.


This is an appointed position until her term is over. It the appointed Member wants to continue in the position they must run for re-election in the next election. If you are interested please contact me. debbie.ake@gmail.com or 734-657-1132. Remember you must have paid dues for the last 90 days to be eligible. 

October 13, 2019

2020 Benefits Open Enrollment October 22, 2019 – November 6, 2019

The open enrollment for employee health benefits will be Tuesday, October 22 through Wednesday, November 6, 2019. The Office of Benefits has worked closely with the Coalition of Unions to maintain your benefit plans. While the District is not changing the current plans, your contributions are changing in 2020.

During open enrollment, October 22 through November 6, 2019, benefit-eligible employees will have the opportunity to make changes in their health, dental and voluntary benefits. Open Enrollment Information and Enrollment Assistance Sessions will be held to educate benefit-eligible employees of their choices and assist in selecting the plan that best fits their needs. In addition, staff will be available to provide flu shots to employees during these sessions who provide their current health insurance card and photo ID.

Open Enrollment Information Sessions will be held to provide information about the plan options on the following dates:

 Monday, October 14 from 4:30 – 7 p.m. at East English Village Preparatory Academy

Enrollment Assistance Sessions have been scheduled for employees who require assistance completing the online enrollment process on the following dates:

 Tuesday, October 22 from 4 – 7 p.m. at Renaissance High School

 Thursday, October 24 from 4 – 7 p.m. at King High School

 Tuesday, October 29 from 4 – 7 p.m. at East English Village Preparatory Academy  

October 12, 2019

The Constitution and By-laws can be found on the Member's Only Home Page. 

September 22, 2019

The contract wage re-opener was passed overwhelmingly by the OSAS members. Please go to the Member's Only tab to view the contract. If you are paying through PayPal and are having difficulties login in please email me so I can manually turn your access. 

September 14, 2019

The contract agreement is under the Members Only tab. When you login you will see 3 lines next to the Members Only tab. If you hover over the lines you will see the link to the contract page. The meeting is on Monday, September 16th at 5:30 PM at Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO, 115 W. Willis (between Woodard and Cass).

If you are not paying dues you don't have access to the Members Only tab and you cannot attend nor vote at the Meeting. It is never too late to become a Member. You can sign-up right now or at the door the day of the Meeting. If you need help or have questions please email me at debbie.ake@gmail.com. If you are a member paying dues and cannot access the tab email me your phone number so I can update you by phone. 

I want to thank all of you who are paying dues. Your support is so necessary. The Union will enter negotiations for our new 3 year contract.

Remember you are not a Member if you are not paying dues. I am now preparing the next stage with our attorney for new wage determinations. Members if you want a new wage determination and have not already submitted your resume and justification letter for a raise please have it to me in the next 2 weeks. Remember do not use DPSCD emails to contact the Union or me. My email is debbie.ake@gmail.com. 

September 13, 2019

The Union settled the Wage Reopener yesterday. We will have an emergency Union meeting to vote on the contract on Monday. I will post more information on the OSAS website and location of the Monday's meeting as soon as I confirm a location.

Only dues paying members have the rights to attend meetings, vote in elections and vote on approval of contracts. Let your voice be heard. It is never too late to join the Union. Becoming a dues-paying member is easier than ever before.  You can join and have you Union Dues collected monthly or on payday. 

August 12, 2019

By popular request. On Friday, the tab for pay on payday will go live. You now have the option of having your dues collected monthly or on payday. If you are currently paying monthly and want to switch send me an email so we can make sure you don't overpay. 

August 19,2019

Jennifer Whitted's name appeared on the new sign-up OSAS members. This was an error. Jennifer has been a dues paying member since she entered OSAS. She is a loyal Supporter.

July 17, 2019

It was brought to my attention that some of the employees who are in the Union under a job code but not a dues paying Member believe they have the same privileges. Let me clear up what Right to Work means. You may hold a position in a Union without paying dues and you do receive Union representation in a discipline case or in a contract violation. This is all you get. If it is not a contract violation or you have received a Written Warning  and want Union representation there is not need for you to call the Union for anything else.

Grievances can only be filed if there is a contract violation. The contract can be found under the Member Only tab. As Union President I do so much more for Members unrelated to contract violations. I have gotten and will get new wage determinations. I have helped Members with evaluations. I have solved many problems with a Member and their Superior. I have worked with upper management for change of hours. I have assisted in FMLAs, placement changes, location changes, confirming information, assistance in payroll audits, answering all their questions or finding out who can. 

Members have access to the Member Only tab. They can attend meetings, vote and run for office.

I want to inform Members that at contract negotiations I will be asking for new wage determinations. So if you are paying dues and want a new wage determination please send me your resume and a short summary on why you believe you should receive more money. This is only open to Members. The definition of a Member is one who is paying dues.  

My hope is that everyone becomes a Member. I will be releasing the name of employees working under an OSAS job code who are not Members. The list will be located in the Member Only tab. You may have a peer sitting right next to you that is not a Member. As a Member you can assist the Union in explaining how important it is to belong. You can measure your success by watching the home page for updates with new Member's name. 

July 16, 2019

Another dues paying member.  Thank you for your support.

Megan McBain

July 8, 2019

Deans who are Members of the Union please go to the Members Only tab click on Members home to get information about getting a new wage determination during negotiations. When you login you will see 3 bars appear next to Members Only tab. If you hover over the bars we will see the different pages available to you. 

July 3, 2019

OSAS would like to thank the following New Members who logged in to the JOIN THE UNION tab since June 13th to   financial support the Union through paying dues.

Kenneth Plonka - paying since November

Jacqueline Alvarez

Crystal Baskin

Zackery Carr

Angelita Davis

Andre Ebron

Adrian Green

Malon Harris

April Hines-Jenkins

Arnette Jordan

Jorge Martin-Ezestrada

Marlon McDowell

Blake McGhee

Ramond Pilgrim

D'Ante Sharp

Elijah Warren

June 26. 2019

Correction : Last for Deans Is Friday June 28th.

June 17, 2019

Go to Members Only tab to view vacation language. Refer to page 30 of contract for vacation rollover information for this year. 

June 13, 2019

One can be in a Union and than there are Members of the Union. Members belong to the Union through their actions and financial support. Members receive the privileges to attend meetings, vote, run for office, sit on committees and through their dues they are a Member of Metro AFL-CIO and the American Federation of School Administrators.  

OSAS would like to thank the following New Members who logged in to the JOIN THE UNION tab since May 1st to financial support the Union through paying dues.

Adriana Alvarez

Christopher Boyd

Michelle Busby

Zachary Carr

Angela Chandler

Tamekia Cole

Brittany Ealey

Hope Gibson

Nakisha Guyton

Carl Hankins

Toson Knight 

Willie Jenkins

Arnette Jordan 

Jorge Martinez-Estrada

Marlon McDowell

Fatou-Seydi Sarr

Francine Steverson

Deanna Thomas

Yuwana Trice

Jennifer Whitted

If you are in the Union please become a Member so you can have your name added to the list.



Membership / join now


Membership fees paid to OSAS automatically entitle you to membership in the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), our national organization.  Numerous no-cost benefits and discounted services are available to OSAS members through AFSA, which include:

  •  Professional Liability
  •  Legal Action Trust
  •  Accidental Death Insurance
  •  Scholarships for Children of Members
  •  Travel and Recreation Discounts
  •  Wireless Telephone Discount

For details about these and other members-only benefits, please follow the link below:

                                  Member Benefits Available Through AFSA


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