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Preserve. Protect. Peace

What do these words mean to you? In a union these words mean everything. We preserve your way of life by working to create the best contracts that support all of the hard work you put in daily. Unions protect when employees are under attack. Unions provide peace. The peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you while you work instead of looking over your shoulder while you work. Unions provide something very important to your daily professional life and career but it cannot function without your support. 

How to Become a Member

To join the Union click on the tab. Payment transaction sites are accessible through our website for monthly or on payday payments.  

Please call me if you have questions. 734-657-1132 or email me at debbie.ake@gmail.com


March 15, 2020

Message from OSAS President

I had an hour long conference call with our National Organization the American Federation of School Administrators. The call included Union Presidents throughout the country. We discussed Union contract language and what some Districts have dealt with and are dealing with. 

I have heard from several of our members and have been contacting the District for clarification. You must complete a work schedule and get it approved if you want to work a portion of the week or the whole week at home. 

Please if you have not become a dues paying member please jump to the dues tab and sign up. Our legal fees are becoming bigger every day. This was not planned in our budget. One of the intentions of "Right to Work" was to financial weaken labor unions.  

Contract Language at your fingertips. The entire contract is under the Member's Only tab.


When necessary for unit members to work extended hours, managers may authorize a flexible adjustment in work hours.  Managers will exercise their best efforts, subject to the requirements of efficient operations, to maintain a reasonable work schedule.


In recognition of the commitment by both the School District of the City of Detroit and OSAS to the principle of total involvement in seeking solutions to educational problems, it is acknowledged by both parties that the District retains the right to transfer unit members covered by this Agreement from one position to another.

The following procedures will be followed when administrators are transferred. 

  • In the case of individual transfers: Unit members being transferred shall be notified in writing at least five (5) calendar days before the date the contemplated transfer is to become effective.
  • The notice shall set forth the expected date of transfer and the new work location. 
  • OSAS shall be furnished with a copy of the notification at the same time. The parties recognize that emergency situations may arise in which the five (5) calendar day notice period is not feasible.
  • Transfers may not be undertaken for arbitrary reasons and employees transferred under this provision will not suffer a diminution of compensation as a direct result of the transfer.


Personal Business Leave Days: All bargaining unit members may use up to five (5) days per year from their personal illness bank to be absent with pay for the purpose of conducting personal business.    


Employees shall accrue twelve (12) sick leave day per year; five (5) of which may be used for personal business/emergency.  Accrued sick days accumulate year to year.  

  1. After five consecutive workdays of sick leave, an employee must furnish a statement from his/her physician on a form provided by the District, in order to secure his/her next paycheck.

March 16, 2020

Message from OSAS President

I met with the District this morning. This is part of the discussion:

Whether you work at home or at your work location depends on what your Supervisor is determining necessary.

If your Supervisor determines you can work from home for a portion or the entire shutdown a plan of work must be submitted.

An OSAS member should contact their Union if they feel their Supervisor's decision does not consider all factors or if their safety or health is being jeopardized.

If you decide to self-quarantine you must use your sick days.  

If you become ill or have the virus you must use your sick days.

I am waiting on a confirmation on an email summary I sent the District after the meeting that contains more detail than the above. As soon as I receive the confirmation I will send out an email blast. 

Please contact me if you are having any individual difficulties. This is one of the benefits that belong to dues-paying members. Show your support if you are not paying dues by signing up. This is something no one has dealt with before. We need financial support so we can stay in constant contact with our attorney. Things are changing every day in Lansing. He is aware of proposals and pending bills in Lansing and Washington D.C.. His knowledge keeps us one step ahead. 

March 15, 2020

Message from OSAS President: 

I will be meeting with the District tomorrow at 10 AM to negotiate Member's safety. Dues-paying members should have received a detail email with information and a request for your input. If you did not receive it make sure I have your personal email account. I cannot use a District email for Union Information. Thank you, dues members for making it possible for the Union to hire an attorney to assist us. Watch your email for an up-date after the meeting. 

March 13, 2020 Up-Date

OSAS has made a demand to bargain. We will meet with the District on Monday. Please email me with individual or department concerns. debbie.ake@gmail.com

March 13, 2020

OSAS has asked for clarity on Central Office reporting.   We will update as soon as we have an answer on exactly what this looks like. OSAS will consult with our attorney 

 Please watch for updates .

Dues paying members make sure I have your personal email account. I will be sending out email blasts. You can email me from your email account to debbie.ake@gmail.com. 



Membership / join now


Membership fees paid to OSAS automatically entitle you to membership in the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), our national organization.  Numerous no-cost benefits and discounted services are available to OSAS members through AFSA, which include:

  •  Professional Liability
  •  Legal Action Trust
  •  Accidental Death Insurance
  •  Scholarships for Children of Members
  •  Travel and Recreation Discounts
  •  Wireless Telephone Discount

For details about these and other members-only benefits, please follow the link below:

                                  Member Benefits Available Through AFSA


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